Treatment Groups

Research shows group psychotherapy is a highly effective form of treatment. CoHear currently offers treatment groups for men confronting their sexual preoccupations and addictions as well as groups for those living with chronic pain. These structured groups serve as an adjunct to the individual and couple psychotherapy men are typically participating in.

Treatment Groups
Many people suffer in silence and shame as they privately struggle with difficult sexual issues. Groups have been proven to be one of the most effective treatment approaches in the process of recovery.

CoHear provides treatment groups for individuals and their partners dealing with issues of infidelity and compulsive sexual behavior patterns, including pornography. These groups are designed to provide skills to increase mindfulness, behavioral and emotional regulation, interpersonal growth, and coping skills to increase effectiveness in dealing with impulsive triggers.

Groups are provided by licensed therapists with specific training and experience in addictive and compulsive sexual behavior patterns.



Living Well Groups
Living with chronic pain and fatigue is complex. The landscape they live in is under-served and misunderstood. It affects their body, mind, and spirit. Leslie Savage, MS, LMFT specializes in chronic pain and, as a member of people’s healthcare team, she assists them in becoming more engaged in their care and more confident in their ability to manage the pain.

Leslie offers Living Well group therapy for people who live with chronic pain due to an illness or injury. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the bio-psycho-social and spiritual landscape of living with chronic pain and redefine an art of living that fits them. These structured groups serve as an adjunct to the individual, couple and family psychotherapy in which they are participating.

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