​Sexual Addiction Assessment

Sexual Recovery Services’ (SRS) initial step will be to engage you in an interview and assessment process to determine which treatment track is appropriate for you.



-Crossing sexual boundaries may or may not be indicative of sexual addiction.

-It is as important to determine that one’s behavior is not addictive as it is to assess that it is.

-Addiction is a disease, not a moral or will power issue.

Treatment Tracks:

-The non‑addiction treatment track calls for a primary focus on damage control to relationships, accountability, and heightened awareness around sexual boundaries, character deficits, empathy training, and a reconciliation process, if appropriate.

-The sexual compulsivity or addiction track calls for the above as well as a task centered approach to treatment. We offer a structured program to break shame and denial, explore and identify arousal templates, learn and use immediate interventions tools, alter neuropathway patterning in the brain and incorporate 12 step concepts to recovery.


A sexual addiction assessment typically requires 2‑3 individual interview sessions with a nationally Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) and will incorporate several objective testing instruments.

An additional session may be added with both members of a couple to explain the assessment results when


Call one of our intake specialists at (425) 283-1313 or make an appointment with an SRS Sex Addiction Treatment Team Member.