Medication Management (ARNP)

Oftentimes mental health symptoms have both psychological and biological causes. Because of this, a treatment plan that includes both therapy and medication produces the best resolution of symptoms. To meet this need, we have added the services of a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (ARNP, PMHNP)

What is an ARNP?
An Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner is a highly trained nurse with at least 6 years of post secondary education.  An ARNP typically begins a career as a registered nurse and then completes graduate studies focusing on assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions within his or her specialty.  Following completion of this rigorous course of study, these nurses must pass a national certification exam to be eligible for licensure in their state.  Although details vary from state to state, all 50 states allow ARNPs to write prescriptions and ARNPs are able to bill insurance companies for the services they provide.

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