Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling

Seeking professional help for personal and relational issues can contribute to overall health and wellness.

We are a multidisciplinary healthcare practice providing a wide range of services, with the following specialties:

Children (ages 5- 12) – It cannot be understated how vital it is for children to have a consistent, loving environment to grow within. However, as parents unexpected things in life get in the way, causing children to react in symptomatic ways that even parents have a tough time controlling or understanding. Because children are still growing, they too have difficulties understanding the reality that surrounds them and process life’s challenges in different ways than we as adults would. Our goal at CoHear/BCS is to provide the framework for children to not only express themselves more fully through emotional expression, play therapy, and cognitive behavior training, but to also provide support and encouragement for parents who are walking alongside their children in this process. At its core, this is a systemic solution to bring stability to the family and clarity to the children.

Teenagers – In working with teenagers, it is essential we build an element of trust and security which we fully emphasize in the initial framework of counseling. For teenagers, life brings a full set of problems and outside pressures that can not only stifle their ability to grow as an individual but bring systemic problems for the family in general. Our goal in therapy is to provide our teenagers with an outlet for working through issues, such as low self-esteem, sexuality, bullying, societal pressures, drug/alcohol use, and family conflict. Our hope is by establishing a dialogue about the issues that are plaguing these teens, we can move from a teenager feeling isolated to feeling understood and accepted for who they are.

Young Adults – We understand this a time when major life decisions are considered and made. From education and employment to relationship changes, young adulthood is a period of significant identity development and change. We look forward to empowering and supporting you as you navigate through this pivotal season in your life.

Adults – While there are a myriad of unique stages throughout adulthood, two important threads exist – the need for support and perspective. CoHear/BCS offers individual, couples, and family counseling to people in all stages of life. Whether you are negotiating interpersonal relationships; desiring clarity about your own life; trying to manage pain or loss; or attempting to nourish your soul, we are here. Make the most of your life by seeking the support and perspective you deserve. 

Problematic Sexual Behavior – Many people suffer in silence and shame as they privately struggle with difficult sexual issues. CoHear/BCS provides treatment for men, women and couples dealing with issues of infidelity and compulsive sexual behavior patterns, including pornography.

Sexual Recovery Services (SRS) – SRS offers specialized comprehensive and psycho-social forensic evaluations, assessments, and treatment for sexual misconduct among individuals from all walks of life, who have crossed sexual boundaries. Click Here for more information about this specialized assessment and treatment program (Sex Offender Treatment Program-SOTP).

Medical Family Therapy – Medical Family Therapists are rigorously trained to provide integrated healthcare services to families managing medical issues. From acute medical conditions to chronic illness, our MDFTs provide biospychosocial-spiritual assessment and psychotherapy to individuals and families affected by illness.

Our clinical staff is licensed to provide healthcare in the State of Washington and adhere to the highest ethical standards in their respective fields/industries.

To learn more about our clinicians/healthcare providers, please visit our staff page.