Clinically trained as a licensed marriage family therapist and licensed in Washington and California, Tori is a communication strategist deeply devoted to supporting people seeking health in relationships. She brings a wealth of clinical experience from over 25 years of outpatient/inpatient psychological services. Trained as a Cognitive Behavior Therapist, Tori specializes in conflict resolution, anxiety management, marriage, parenting, trauma, and coordinated professional care. She is certified in Attachment Focused Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (AF-EMDR),  a Specialist in Problematic Sexual Behaviors (S-PBS) and certified as an equine specialist in mental health and learning (ESMHL).

Nationally and Internationally, Tori has practiced her expertise counseling, running groups, leading workshops and teaching seminars in a variety of settings including businesses, hospitals, treatment centers, churches, schools’ parents’ groups and various non-profit organizations.  Tori is passionate about her work with leaders and the impact of healthy relationships in organizations. While practicing in California, Tori founded and developed WIT Professionals (Wellness Integrated Team:, an integrated wellness approach for leaders with a focus on improving communication and relational health.

Tori adores time with her family, long runs with her Labrador Retriever and most any sport in the outdoors. She has a love for dark chocolate and is often found enjoying a delicious cup of hot coffee.