Stepping into my work as family therapist for 36 years is remembering that the crux of my presence with individuals is modeling/teaching kind and courageous conversations—the vehicle to self -clarity and empathetic connections. It’s not about “solving the problem” for others but rather helping them find tools to get to their own unique “compassion and knowing.”

My love of counseling couples, families and individuals in their homes, in schools and parent groups, has brought a new meaning to the word, “teaming.” For couples and families it means learning the skills to be courageous, vulnerable, and honest in their communication. For couples this is often the turning point to discovering their intimacy and growth in their relationship. Not an overnight process. As a result of working in the arena of high conflict divorce, I am able to say to couples intent on repairing their relationship that if you are willing to give time to the process of changing rigid patterns of interacting, you can make honest amends with each other.

For individuals suffering from anxiety, trauma, and depression I ask them to reflect on their self defeating patterns of behavior in their relationships or self judgements. I teach them relief and freedom from fears through body, mind and spirit self-nurturing strategies. They learn to be “in the moment” with themselves and their intimate relationships.

My life as a therapist is most fulfilled by my time in nature—hiking in the mountains with friends and family and visiting/volunteering in cultures throughout the world. Hanging out on soccer fields, designing art projects, and appreciating Lego structures with my grandchildren gives a spontaneous dimension to everyday. My inspirations—where God lives– come from seeing the world through the creative eyes of sketching and water color painting.