Liz is a MA candidate at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Her current training emphasizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship and the innate desire and fundamental need for human relatedness. The dynamics of the therapeutic relationship offer a brave space for authenticity and reparative experiences. Aside from a highly relational approach, Liz’s training also draws on Attachment theory, Affect Regulation theory, and Existential approaches to counseling.

Liz’s unique upbringing in East and Southeast Asia has provided a broad cultural perspective on how relationships are governed by biopsychosocial-spiritual aspects. It has also facilitated within Liz a vibrant curiosity about the stories of others. She hopes to journey alongside clients as they share their stories and offer them a place to be seen and known.

Relatively new to the PNW, Liz spent most of her adult life in the Southeastern United States. In her free time Liz enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter and when not reading for school can be found reading Wendell Berry or Classic fiction.