Anna is a MA candidate at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.  She sees adults who are struggling with some aspect of their lives.  Complex circumstances can bring about an experience of feeling stuck.  Therapy can be an effective way of move toward a better way of living.  Together, we will address a wide range of experiences.  Some of these may include anxiety and depression, interpersonal trauma and abuse as well as grief and loss to name a few.  Or, you may be looking for help because some aspect of your life is not as fulfilling as you would like.  Additionally, if you have experienced spiritual and sexual harm in religious environments Anna can help find hope and healing.

Her client-centered, therapeutic approach is an attachment focused, narrative model utilizing psychodynamic and object relations theories.  These theories emphasize the importance of early relationships in how we form healthy relationships with ourselves and others now.  While exploring together some of the unconscious beliefs that were formed in these early attachments, you will be able to access more choice in how you want to engage in current and future relationships.  Together, we co-create a therapeutic alliance that moves you beyond shame allowing you to integrate the impact of heartbreak and suffering so that the wounds of the past can be healed creating a better way forward.

In addition to her training as a therapist, Anna is able to draw on her 13 years of experience in vocational ministry including executive leadership as well as the Co-Founder and Director for a nonprofit organization helping survivors of sexual abuse.  When not studying or working, you will find her with her family in the mountains: skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.