A myriad of issues stem from having suffered an abusive past. A high percentage of adults who struggle with sexual boundary issues, sexual compulsivity, sexual anorexia, or a fear of emotional and sexual intimacy have abuse in their past that has remained unaddressed and unresolved. Various forms of addiction have often served as a coping mechanism; to anesthetize the hidden pain of these wounds.

There is help available.

At CoHear/BCS, we believe that the issues of past abuse, and the damaging behaviors stemming from it, need to be sensitively addressed and responded to in a safe and healing environment for successful long term sexual abuse recovery.

Treatment Goals for Survivors of an Abusive History Include:

  • Trauma recognition and integration
  • Affect regulation
  • Resentment reduction
  • Shame reduction
  • Developing, setting, and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Identification of dysfunctional family of origin issues
  • Grief and loss recovery work

At CoHear we work with clients to identify the appropriate time to begin successful “inside work” as part of a sexual recovery treatment plan.