For a couple challenged by problematic sexual behavior or sexual addiction to return to wholeness and healthy intimacy, we offer an opportunity to heal the pain of the broken marriage vows or partnership commitments. Sexual infidelities cause trust issues that can feel irreparable. Apologies feel empty. Grief over the loss of a sacred connection and the innocence of “happily ever-after” has ripped hearts open. Professional skill is often necessary for the couple to not only mend the relationship, but to thrive together in the journey to recovery.

Important Healing Steps for Couples Include:

  • Individual and group therapy/recovery programs for both partners
  • Development and use of an effective communication skill set
  • Appreciation and respect for boundaries within the relationship
  • Commitment to a “No Secrets” Contract
  • Resentment reduction
  • Participation in a sequential Four Part “Reconciliation Process”
  • Development of relational intimacy and trust building skills
  • Growth towards positive sexual intimacy

CoHear has served hundreds of couples whose relationships have suffered the devastating effects of problematic sexual behavior. We have witnessed not just restoration but deliverance to a more honest, open expression of authentic intimacy than could otherwise have been experienced had successful recovery not become the foundation of the couple’s life together. We believe that fear of intimacy and abandonment are key underlying issues in sex addiction. We offer not just hope, but excitement for the opportunity to grow in ways that may not have occurred for couples without these relational challenges.