Psychosexual Assessment and Treatment for Professionals

CoHear/BCS’s Sexual Recovery Services (SRS) offers a “Fitness for Duty” Psychosexual Assessment for Professionals who have crossed sexual boundaries in the workplace. These assessments are often mandated by governing bodies such as Physicians Health Care programs, Human Resource Departments, Church Governing Bodies, Labor Relations Directors, or School District Administrators.


Typical Concerns and Referral Issues:

-Sexual violation of ethical and moral work guidelines

-Concern or claim of sexual harassment

-Pornography viewed in the workplace

-A history of problematic sexual behavior in the workplace

Our Clientele Includes:


-Medical Professionals




-Law Enforcement Officers

-Corporate Professionals


We are seasoned professionals with sensitivity around the circumstances of being challenged in these areas. You will be asked to participate in face to face interviews, psychological assessments, and personal history disclosure. Our treatment coordinator will ensure you successfully complete what is required for us to provide you a thoroughly documented written report with specific written recommendations.

An intake specialist at (425) 283-1313 will be happy to answer your questions or make an appointment for you to see an SRS Sex Addiction Treatment Team Member.