Legal and Ethical Issues

Clients with legal issues who are receiving Sexual Recovery Services (SRS) have undergone a thorough assessment by a forensic evaluator and been deemed appropriate to successfully respond to treatment. These clients are required to make necessary and immediate life-style changes while working in a highly structured program to gain understanding of the inappropriate dimensions of their arousal template. Their ability to intervene rapidly and consistently on the corresponding urges is carefully monitored by clinical staff that have specialized training and credentials to support the client’s success.


Problematic behaviors:

-Teen/child pornography

-Exhibitionism, voyeurism, frotteurism

-Trading sex for money

-Crossing professional boundaries for sex

-Sexual harassment and/or stalking

-Other sexual boundary violations


Treatment Goals:

-Identify and eliminate offense behaviors

-Identify and decrease cognitive distortions that support acting out behaviors

-Identify triggers, stressors and high risk environments for potential relapse

-Identify and explore links to past trauma

-Develop healthy self-care and appropriate intimate sexuality

-Provide written relapse prevention plan for discharge

-Create a community-based support and accountability network

Sexual Recovery Services (SRS) offers specialized comprehensive and psycho-social forensic evaluations, assessments, and treatment for sexual misconduct among individuals from all walks of life, who have crossed sexual boundaries. Click Here for more information about this specialized assessment and treatment program (Sex Offender Treatment Program-SOTP).


Call one of our intake specialists at (425) 283-1313 or make an appointment with an SRS Sex Addiction Treatment Team Member.