Sexual Recovery Services

CoHear/BCS’s Sexual Recovery Services (SRS) bring you more than 25 years experience in the successful treatment of Sexual Addiction.

  • Our treatment plans focus on the spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physiological well-being of each and every client.
  • We offer a holistic, task-centered approach to the recovery journey for individuals, partners, and family members.

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addicts are men and women who are sexually compulsive; their sexual behavior interferes with and often dramatically disrupts their lives and the lives of loved ones. Sexually compulsive behavior is characterized by a loss of control and is steeped in shame and secrecy. The sex addict is caught between hating the behavior and finding it a source of transient, yet familiar comfort.


Examples of Sexually Addictive Behaviors Include:

-Compulsive masturbation

-Obsessive sexual and/or romantic fantasy

-Compulsive infidelities that include physical and emotional affairs

-Compulsive use of adult pornography

-Compulsive use of teen/child pornography

-Compulsive use of prostitutes/massage parlors

-Compulsive use of strip clubs/ sexual arcades

-Sexual Chat/Web Cam Imaging/Hook-Ups



-Indecent phone calls

-Indecent liberties


For the Addict

Sexual Recovery Services (SRS) offers a team of clinically trained specialists, several of whom are Nationally Certified Sex Addiction Therapists, are prepared to treat a broad range of problems related to sexually addictive behavior.  Discriminating between issues of poor decisions, boundary problems, sexual compulsivity, and sexual deviancy is our initial challenge.

For the Partner

For a couple challenged by sexual addiction to return to wholeness and healthy intimacy, we offer an opportunity to heal the pain of the broken marriage vows or partnership commitments. Sexual infidelities cause trust issues that can feel irreparable. Apologies feel empty. Grief over the loss of a sacred connection and the innocence of “happily ever-after” has ripped hearts open.

Call one of our intake specialists at (425) 283-1313 or make an appointment with an SRS Sex Addiction Treatment Team Member.