Forensic Evaluations

The sexual deviancy evaluations completed at CoHear/BCS are unmatched in the region.

Years of experience have allowed us to design a comprehensive evaluation that is respected by both prosecutors and defense attorneys.

We administer a battery of psychometric instruments to assess sexual patterning, personality characteristics, social history, psychopathology, and community risk.  Our team is committed to conducting a full and fair assessment of each and every client. We account for both risk and resilience factors as we work to carefully determine recommendations for each client.

As a recognized leader in providing both sex offender treatment and treatment for issues of sexual compulsivity, the team at CoHear/BCS is well suited to determine a therapeutically responsible course of action, including making recommendations concerning client appropriateness for the Washington State Specialized Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative program.

Please call the CoHear/BCS front office at (425) 283-1313 to discuss scheduling options for an evaluation.