Lynn Tienken, MS, LMHC

Lynn, as a family therapist for 34 years, brings her experiences and knowledge as a counselor, parenting facilitator and faculty trainer in schools to inform her work with couples and parents. They seek her counsel in managing their children’s behavioral challenges. With the collaboration of the Lake Washington School District, community service groups and a local church she developed a mentoring program for single parent children. As a single parent mother herself she knew that “resilience and growth” for these children is enhanced through the “support of a village.”

Lynn’s love of learning and training in family systems therapy, Imago relationship therapy, and somatic-cognitive approaches for anxiety/trauma enhance the tools that she shares with individual clients and couples . A unique learning that impacts her therapy work today was her year in Honduras. “I went to a village ravaged by Hurricane Mitch to establish a health clinic—just to help the villagers. They taught and helped me. Sitting with them in their huts helped me understand the power of Simplicity of Presence.” Compassion and curiosity about their world was important in knowing them. And, in my office it is a tool I reinforce with couples in listening to each other –in developing closeness with each other.

Away from work,” I love hiking in the mountains with friends and family and just being with my grand-kids –a precious spark in my life. I also find sketching and water color is a passion that teaches me to see the world from creative dimensions.”

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Lynn Tienken